Engineering Offsite 2013 - Day 1

by Weston Jossey in

Welcome to Tapjoy Santa Rosa, our temporary home away from home for the Engineering Offsite 2013! As a highly distributed team, it's infrequent that we're all able to get together in one place at the same time, which is why every engineer in our team has take the opportunity to come to the offsite this year.  People packed onto six hour flights, probably caused a bit more noise than they should have, and hiked their way up to Santa Rosa via San Francisco.

The first night in town was casual, fun, and a time for everyone to catch up and re-connect. Tomorrow is a planning day, and that's where the real interesting bits begin. Here's a photo of everyone chatting away as the dinner wound down, but the night picked up:

That's it for night one from Tapjoy Santa Rosa. Talk to you all tomorrow.

-Wes Jossey