Eric Heaney presenting at AnDevCon Santa Clara

by Tapjoy

Heading to AnDevCon in Santa Clara this week? Tapjoy engineer Eric Heaney will be presenting a two-part advanced technical workshop titled "Bridge Over Troubled Water: connecting different languages to Android," which will lead attendees through actual implementation of a Javascript to Java bridge, and will give an overview of how to use the same technique for C++, C#, and ActionScript.

This Advanced-level class will be in the 11:00AM - 12:15PM time slot on Thursday, December 3.

In his own words:

"The mobile market has multiple different frameworks and tools nowadays for building and implementing Android applications with different languages other than just Java. Some problems and projects require different languages to solve them effectively or fit your teams expertise. Complex applications, such as games, may need direct memory management and access to the GPU that Java does not explicitly provide. Some of these languages and tools include: C/C++ (UnREAL, cocos2d-x), C# (Unity, Xamarin), Javascript (web pages, PhoneGap) and even Actionscript (Adobe Flash / FLEX). This session will discuss different ways to effectively interface native Android Java to various different languages including: javascript, C/C++, C#, ActionScript. This lecture will cover concepts that are universal to building communications between other programming languages and Java. During the session, participants will implement an Android application that will interface between Javascript and native Java code. Attendees will also be walked through implementations in C/C++, discussing the use of the Android NDK for bridging methods, C#, communicating between Android and Unity using DLLs, and an overview of ActionScript, building ANE’s to talk to Java in Adobe Flash / FLEX."

If you're at AnDevCon, keep an eye out for Eric!