Sean Kelly speaking at Ricon 2015 in San Francisco

by Dean Dieker

Our very own Sean Kelly will be presenting a Riak-backed distributed queue we use here at Tapjoy. In his words:

Would you believe that Riak 2.0 has everything you need to build a distributed queue? That was the question a few engineers set out to answer, after a night out of drinks and disagreement.

In this presentation, we'll talk about an in-house distributed queue we built in Golang, called Dynamiq. We'll cover why we chose Riak and Golang, the design behind the system, and most importantly how it works, and how we put it into production. We'll cover the clever ways you can use Riak to do "the hard parts" of a distributed workload, and build a system on top of it that extends it's core functionality in new ways.

If you're at Ricon, be sure and check him out at 2:00PM on Thursday!