Update on Apple's Automated Code Validation

by Jared Iwata in ,

Tapjoy Partners,

Over the weekend Apple made some modifications to their automated code validation.  This validation auto-scans an app’s code during the submission process.   While we haven’t been able to find any documented changes from Apple on this, it appears the purpose of this adjustment is intended to validate that any app submission respects a user’s “Limited Ad Tracking” setting.

To be clear, Tapjoy has always respected the “Limited Ad Tracking” setting, and nothing in this regard has changed.  Apple’s most recent change in their automated scan however, now looks for very specific function names and a very specific sequence of events in order to pass validation.   In order to avoid confusion due to the resulting mismatch in naming convention, Tapjoy has renamed its “Limit Ad Tracking Setting” validation function, and created Tapjoy SDK 10.0.2 which contains the updated naming convention to avoid any mismatching that may occur with previous Tapjoy SDKs.

We recommend that any partner who is in submission process that includes previous SDKs, or is planning a submission soon, update to the latest Tapjoy SDK 10.0.2 to avoid any difficulties in the submission process related to this issue.

To find out more about our SDK please visit our Knowledge Center.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact your account manager, or email us at partners@tapjoy.com.


Team Tapjoy