Getting Exposure to 800 Million Chinese Users

by Jia Feng in ,

Why Tapjoy integrated QQ authenticationAs a large ad-tech company with nearly a half-billion monthly active users, it is critical that we provide the best possible experience to our users. We are always looking out on how we can provide a more seamless and user friendly experience for MyTapjoy, which allows users to earn rewards in our partners apps. Read on to find out why we integrated QQ in China.

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API Orchestration At Tapjoy

by Matt Carbone in , ,

At Tapjoy, we’re currently working on a large scale migration to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for all of our core applications. Over the last few years, our core platform has evolved into what has been dubbed the “monorail” - a large monolithic Rails application. We’re now at a point where we’re seriously feeling some of the negative aspects of the monolith, mostly around excessive complexity and testing/refactoring difficulty which results in reduced speed and agility when building out new features.

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